Taos Bowling Leagues

Bowling leagues are rockin’ and rollin’ at Gutters! Here are the current top scores out of all the leagues so far!

Ready to get in on the fun? Email leagues@taosbowling.com for more info or to sign up.

Fall/Winter 2018 Leagues are going on now!

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Winter 2018

Sunday – Doubles/Couples
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Monday – Funday League
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Fall 2018

Tuesday – Mixed League
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Wednesday – Women’s League
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Thursday – Big League
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Upcoming Leagues

Official sign ups are at the meetings, prior to the start of  leagues. Please show up to the meeting of the league you would like to join! Click on the question mark for more details and information about each league.

Day League # on Team Meeting Start Type Weekly Fee # of Weeks Est Prize Fund
SUN Juniors (?) 3-4 TBD 2/3/19 @12:30pm 2/10/19 @12:30pm Youths 8-15 $15 8 trophies
SUN Doubles/Couples  (?) 2 11/4/18 @6:00pm 11/18/18 @5:30pm Adults/Youths 16+ $14 8 certificates
MON Monday Funday  (?) 4 11/5/18 @6:00pm 11/19/18 @6:30pm Adults/Youths 16+ $18 8 certificates
TUE Adult Mixed  (?) 4 1/8/19 @6:30pm 1/15/19 @6:30pm Adults, USBC Sanctioned $22 12-16 TBD $$ TBD
WED Seniors  (?) 3-4 TBD 1/9/19 @12:00pm 1/16/19 @12:00pm Seniors 55+ $14 8-12 TBD TBD
WED Womens  (?) 4 1/9/19 @6:30pm 1/16/19 @6:30pm Adult Women $20 8-12 TBD $$ TBD
THU  Adult Mixed  (?) 4 2/21/19 @7:00pm 2/28/19 @7:00pm Adults, USBC Sanctioned $22 12-24 TBD $$ TBD

*All info and prices are subject to changes.

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Previous Leagues

Fall 2018

Sunday – Doubles/Couples League
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Monday – Funday League
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Summer 2018

Monday – Mixed Adult League Tuesday – Mixed Adult League Wednesday – Mixed Adult League

Winter-Spring 2018

Monday – Women’s League
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Tuesday – Adult Mixed League
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Wednesday – Men’s League
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Thursday – Adult Mixed League
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Questions or Comments? Contact the Leagues Coordinator

About Taos Bowling Leagues

Taos Bowling Leagues is a non-profit organization managed by Misty Bruce. We are currently in the process of applying for our 501(3)(c) status. Taos Bowling Leagues is working in conjunction with Gutters Bowling Alley to develop a variety of bowling leagues and tournaments in Taos, NM.

It is our goal to provide a fun and respectful environment for our bowlers to improve their game, while following the official rules as outlined by the US Bowling Congress (USBC).  The current rulebook can be found here.

It is also our goal to create excitement about bowling for Taos’ youth. Bowling is a lifetime sport, so it is very important to us to get the kids interested. Misty is taking USBC coaching classes in order to give kids the best tools to learn and progress. If you are interested in becoming a coach or sponsoring a junior bowler, please do not hesitate to contact us!