Taos Bowling Leagues

Bowling Leagues at Gutters are ROCKIN’ and ROLLIN’. Here are the current top scores out of all the leagues so far since 2018! Please consider joining a bowling league, we have something for everyone!

Ready to get in on the fun? Email leagues@taosbowling.com for more info or to sign up.

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Upcoming Leagues

Upcoming Leagues Schedule

Taos Bowling Leagues are coordinated by Misty, contact leagues@taosbowling.com with any questions. Fill out the form below the schedule to sign up. Youth Sponsorship Application is HERE!

Day League # on Team  Time  Start Type Fees # of Weeks Est Prize Fund
SUN Taos Youth Bowling League (?)
Ages 7-17 younger is ok without bumpers or delivery ramps. Contact: Misty leagues@taosbowling.com
2-4 TBD 12:30pm August 21, 2022 Youths Ages 7-17 $150.00 full season fee 12 party & trophies
TUE Winter 23 Pincatchers (Adult Mixed) (?)
  Any mix of adult men or women. This league is USBC sanctioned and all bowlers must be a current member of the USBC. Our biggest and most competitive league. Contact: Misty leagues@taosbowling.com
4 6:30pm August 2, 2022 Adults, USBC Sanctioned $25 per week 20 ~$8000
THU Fall 22 Thursday Trios (Adult Mixed) (?)
  Any mix of adult men or women. A fun league. Contact: Misty leagues@taosbowling.com
3 6:30pm August 18, 2022 Adults $20 per week 12 ~$1000

*All info on these schedules are subject to changes. Last updated on 6/30/22

More Info…

You do not have to be a good bowler to sign up! The leagues use a fair handicap points system. You’ll just need to commit to the weekly schedule and payments for the length of the league you sign up for.

We have something for everyone!

Changes in League Rules

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) has rolled back its rule about using cleaning agents on your ball during league play. Players may use isopropyl alcohol to clean their balls at anytime.

The USBC has also declared that using cross-lane during league play is not required for sanctioned leagues during this period of covid pandemic.

There is a new rule implemented recently about balance holes. You may not have any extra holes in your ball that you don’t use. This only applies in our USBC sanctioned leagues.

And finally, there will now be the full lineage charge for each week for each bowler, even if you take an absentee score.


We can’t wait to see you out there again!

Questions or Comments? Contact the Leagues Coordinator

About Taos Bowling Leagues

Taos Bowling Leagues is a non-profit organization managed by Misty Bruce. We are currently in the process of applying for our 501(3)(c) status. Taos Bowling Leagues is working in conjunction with Gutters Bowling Alley to develop a variety of bowling leagues and tournaments in Taos, NM.

It is our goal to provide a fun and respectful environment for our bowlers to improve their game, while following the official rules as outlined by the US Bowling Congress (USBC).  The current rulebook can be found here.

It is also our goal to create excitement about bowling for Taos’ youth. Bowling is a lifetime sport, so it is very important to us to get the kids interested. Misty is taking USBC coaching classes in order to give kids the best tools to learn and progress. If you are interested in becoming a coach or sponsoring a junior bowler, please do not hesitate to contact us!